Whether competitive, recreational, or aspiring professional dancer...we offer classes for everyone.

(45 minutes - ages 3 & 4)

An introduction to pre-ballet, pre-tap and some basic tumbling. Students continue their studies of music and the class becomes more structured without undue regimentation. The student now remains in the classroom on her own with her parent near by and accessible in the waiting room.


As a foundation of all forms of dance, all students are encouraged to complete 2 years of ballet training in addition to any other types of dance they may have an interest in. ENCORE! Dance Studio teaches Russian ballet technique because of its inherent beauty of line and athleticism.


Pointe is the pinnacle of ballet training. Students are admitted to pointe class by invitation and only when truly ready.


Fancy footwork and fun for all ages.


Class consists of stretching, conditioning and isolations, and center floor combinations which emphasis control of the body along with a freedom of personal expression.

Street Jazz

Jazz technique mixed with contemporary "street" movement makes this class a real workout. This class integrates classic fundamentals with the most modern moves.

Lyrical Jazz

A combination of the freedom of jazz with the control of classical ballet. This dance form is a blend of soft, creative movement and an avenue for emotional expression.


This class is offered only in combination with a true dance technique class. It introduces the student to basic and intermediate tumbling techniques.

Solo Classes

Solos allow for intensive one-on-one work for the serious dancer.

Drop In

Classes are available for college students and visiting dancers on a temporary basis.
Encore! Dance Studio